Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Scottie items at Hobby Lobby

Large stocking holders are from left, $17.99 and 14.99 --not sure why one was more than the other two -- should've looked at the prices before I got home with them!!
These are two items I got at last year, that were still available this year -- statue was $9.99 but no price on the stocking holder
Small stocking holders and statue -- stocking holders are $12.99 each & the statue is $9.99
All of these ornaments were priced at $2.99 but one of the bagpipe ones which was marked $5.99 -- the clerk only charged me $2.99 for that one also -- but be sure to check the prices before you get to the cash register!! I got all of these items for 1/2 price on the "polyresin" sale last week.

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Dayna said...

I got those big ones at Hobby Lobby last year as well as the two small ones and the dog. I have one of the ornaments. The others haven't arrived here yet. Scottie collecting is addictive isn't it!
We also have real live scotties. 4 left after one went to the bridge this morning. We will miss her.