Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Neighborhood Excitement

Saturday evening I saw an ambulance back into the neighbor's driveway across the street, and another neighbor was standing in my front yard. Of course, I went outside to be snoopy and find out what was going on! The house diagonally across the street was on fire!! The ambulance arrived 15 minutes before the fire trucks did!! It's scary to think that it takes that long for our fire trucks, that are 2 miles away, to arrive!! (911 was called twice!!) The house is under going extensive remodeling, fortunately, the fire was contained to the garage, but the family had just purchased new cherry cabinets for the kitchen and had stored them in the garage -- the cabinets were ruined! Half the neighborhood just stood and watched the fire - no one got a hose or anything - not even the retired fire chief next door! Another scary thought that your neighbors would just stand and watch your house burn down!! Here is a photo of the fire truck that was blocking our driveway, and the house that burned.

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