Thursday, December 25, 2008

A winter's nap

Maxwell enjoys a short winters nap in the window on Christmas morning

A visit from Santa

Rona & Max enjoy treats and toys that were in their stockings on Christmas morning

Merry Christmas!

Maxwell & Rona check out the presents on Christmas eve - we don't put up a tree because I hate taking it down after the holidays are over.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Cluster Holiday Party

Our business office cluster celebrated the holidays on 12/18 at the University Plaza Hotel with a hot mexican buffet. The food was delicious and we had an ornament gift exchange. This is only a fraction of those attending.

Holiday Party

The Study Abroad office had a bowling party on 12/17 for our Holiday Party this year. Everyone had a blast! We were at the Union Rack & Roll in the Purdue Memorial Union.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas at the Memorial Union

These are some photos of the Christmas tree and gingerbread house on display in the great hall at the Purdue Memorial Union. The tree was donated by a local couple - it was trimmed "down" to 25 ft tall in order to fit into the hall. The bottom photo is taken from the main floor, and the photo above it is taken from the balcony that is seen in the background. The gingerbread house is 9 ft tall, and you can see the kids love going in it. Apparently, every year someone tries to eat pieces off the house!! I loved the little gingerbread dog and doghouse!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Scotties at JoAnn's Fabrics

New cotton fabric by Debbie Mumm - same design as the pink flannel found in November
New cotton by Debbie MummFleece pattern like the flannel pattern found in November

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More new scottie fabric at JoAnn's

I found 3 more scottie fabrics at JoAnn's on saturday -- one is fleece, and looks like the plaid flannel I have already posted. The other two are cotton fabrics designed by Debbie Mumm, and are blue and chocolate in color!! I will post photos tomorrow.

Rona is camera shy

Lately, Rona has been camera shy -- but I got these two pics before she realized what I was up to and turned her head away from me

Rona & Max play

That is my pink-slippered foot that Max is sitting on as he and Rona, who is sitting in my lap, knosh teeth and play - I have gotten a few nips from this sort of activity, and was really worried about my leg getting caught in the crossfire!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Maxwell's first snow

We had our first snow of the season Sunday morning -- it was also Maxwell's first encounter with snow!
Hey, what is the white stuff??
Sheesh -- can't a guy have a little privacy??
Can I eat this white stuff? Is it anything like ice cream??

Monday, November 17, 2008

More scottie fabric at JoAnn Fabrics

Two great cotton fabrics - found in the novelty prints section at JoAnn's
Waffle-weave knit fabric -- on sale 40% off!!
Flannel prints from Debbie Mumm -- in with the "Snuggle Flannel" fabrics
Flannel print that is the same design as the fleece and also the cotton print!
Two more flannels found in the "Snuggle Flannel" section.

Quilt Expo purchases

This neat doggie fabric is from Timeless Treasures -- notice that it has black and brown scotties!
I have recently gotten hooked on fabrics with metallic highlights -- I got these fat quarters to make another quilt -- also the 5 inch charm pack of coffee themed fabrics is called Bistro by Moda - the snowman fat quarter was a door prize on the bus, it is called S'mores.
I also got some nice thread from Superior Threads to use for maching quilting, and I ordered the stitch regulator and frame upgrades for my Weekender quilting machine and Hinterberg frame. Hopefully, it won't take long for the SR to arrive - I am anxious to get it installed and get quilting!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chicago Quilt Expo

This friday Common Threads Quilt guild is sending a bus to the Greater Chicago Quilt Exposition being held in Schaumburg IL. I am planning on buying a stitch regulator for my Weekender short arm quilting machine. I have a quilt all ready to go on the frame, but wanted to wait until I could get the stitch regulator to quilt it. You can see more info on the show at

Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Halloween fun

Ashlee's son Michael wasn't scared of my ugly witch face at all -- and he really liked the fake nose!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Fun

Some Halloween fun in the Graduate School offices today!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The shaggy dog!

New photo of our shaggy puppy Maxwell. He is really needing his first haircut. But, he gets neutered tomorrow, and I don't want to throw too many "traumas" at him all at once. He let me cut his toenails on sunday - a nice surprise!

Latest quilt top

This is the first quilt top I have finished since my shoulder surgery in July.... actually, it's the first quilt top I have finished in the last year due to the issues I was having with my shoulder. The pattern is called "Yellow Brick Road".

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scottie Feedsack material

This antique quilt was on display at the Columbus IN quilt show. While looking it over, I discovered two colorways of scottie feedsack material. I had forgotten to take my camera, so I want to thank Ruthie for snapping this pic for me!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Colors

Fall has arrived - photos of our burning bush and the maple tree in the back yard. The colors are spectacular, not to mention the cooler temperatures!

Quilt Show road trip

Ruthie, Tammy, Peggy & I went to a quilt show in Valparaiso saturday. Along the way we stopped at Bits 'n Pieces quilt shop in Crown Point. Here we are at the Red Robin enjoying a late lunch and a frosty cold beer. (Tammy had raspberry iced tea). On the way home we stopped at Fair Oaks Dairy to enjoy some home-made ice cream -- it was soooo creamy & very yummy!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Scottie items at Hobby Lobby

Large stocking holders are from left, $17.99 and 14.99 --not sure why one was more than the other two -- should've looked at the prices before I got home with them!!
These are two items I got at last year, that were still available this year -- statue was $9.99 but no price on the stocking holder
Small stocking holders and statue -- stocking holders are $12.99 each & the statue is $9.99
All of these ornaments were priced at $2.99 but one of the bagpipe ones which was marked $5.99 -- the clerk only charged me $2.99 for that one also -- but be sure to check the prices before you get to the cash register!! I got all of these items for 1/2 price on the "polyresin" sale last week.

Neighborhood Excitement

Saturday evening I saw an ambulance back into the neighbor's driveway across the street, and another neighbor was standing in my front yard. Of course, I went outside to be snoopy and find out what was going on! The house diagonally across the street was on fire!! The ambulance arrived 15 minutes before the fire trucks did!! It's scary to think that it takes that long for our fire trucks, that are 2 miles away, to arrive!! (911 was called twice!!) The house is under going extensive remodeling, fortunately, the fire was contained to the garage, but the family had just purchased new cherry cabinets for the kitchen and had stored them in the garage -- the cabinets were ruined! Half the neighborhood just stood and watched the fire - no one got a hose or anything - not even the retired fire chief next door! Another scary thought that your neighbors would just stand and watch your house burn down!! Here is a photo of the fire truck that was blocking our driveway, and the house that burned.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

First try at uploading video

This is a video I took in early July of Rona and Maxwell "frapping". It was one of my first tries at using a video camera, and I forgot that the camera would pick up my voice too! Now that my shoulder and arm are recovering from the rotator cuff surgery, I will be trying out the camera again soon!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Scottie finds at JoAnn Fabrics

Found these new scottie items at the Super JoAnn fabric store at Castleton Square in Indianapolis today. The two styles of pink fleece are $12.99 yard, the blue flannel is $6.99 yard and the two styles of appliques are $2.99 each.