Monday, January 5, 2009

New "Stashbuster"!!

I decided to join the Stashbuster group, to try to use up some of my fabric stash.

So far, the week of 12/29 - 1/4 I have used 2.5 yards of fabric and purchased 0 yards. Net used: 2.5 yards.

It's a start!! Now, if I run into any new scottie fabric, I'll be in big trouble!!


Dayna said...

If you run into any new scottie fabric don't tell me!....Nope....just keep it a it all yourself.... Don't leave any for anyone else....errrr....well you could whisper where it is.....maybe show a teenie, weenie little picture of what it looks like! I don't need any more fabric....I do not need any more I don't, absolutely not!!! ....
Unless it is scottie fabric. Ya better tell me if you see any or I'll....I'll....I'll sic my pack of scotties on you and they will lick you until you tell me!

Sherry said...

I won't tell you about any Scottie fabric that I might see. . . because I don't want to be blamed for tempting you.

Is Maxwell a Cairn or a Westie? I lost my Westie, Bogart, in December and absolutely love the breed (even though my DH and I just adopted an older Cockapoo this past weekend).

Good luck with your stashbusting efforts.

Ruthie said...

This should make our road trip very interesting with 2 of us stashbusting!

Lori in South Dakota said...

good luck stashbusting, it's fun!